Absorbing & Amplifying the Message

Because babies are making millions of connections per second while they’re still in diapers, Healthynest is on a mission to protect children with clean products and to enrich their early years with neuroscience-developed activities so parents can be intentional about what their babies are exposed to.

In 2020, the brand had big news to share: Its high-performance, non-toxic diaper would be the first to be verified by the Environmental Working Group.

To take advantage of this announcement, Martian Arts partnered with Healthynest to showcase its signature offering: a monthly subscription program complete with diapers, wipes and enrichment activities.

The benefits of its plant-based diaper were clear, but the selling points of Healthynest’s science-backed development program were being overshadowed in a robust catalog of offerings.


Responsive Web Design

Bringing the Diapering Program Into Focus

So parents understood the importance of pairing brain-building activities with everyday routines, like bath time, to shape connections, Martian Arts produced an introductory video about the Diapering Program.

In recognition that parents already have their hands full, all our designs were created to be mobile-first.


Diapering Program

The program’s product page now features an easy-to-understand explanation of what the subscription includes. Simplified copy and a cleaner design improve the customer experience.

To facilitate purchases, a “CHOOSE DIAPERING PROGRAM” button was designed to remain persistent throughout the user experience on all devices.


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