Positive Influence

Launching a movement

When The New York Times best-selling author and renowned leadership guru Tsun-yan Hsieh looked to Martian Arts for the development of his Positive Influence book’s brand identity, book cover, and website, we leapt at the chance to collaborate on the vision and ultimately make it come to life. Together with his LinHart partner, Huijin Kong, the book dives deep into how to master Positive Influence, an essential “soft skill” of our times.

The synergy created between the brand identity, cover design, and website was instrumental in building anticipation for the book’s release. We introduced a visual metaphor on the cover utilizing a striking teal drop of color gracefully entering water, evoking the essence of an influencer’s impact. Upon entry, the teal drop creates a captivating ripple effect beneath the water’s surface, transforming into brilliant blues, purples, and pinks. These colors represent the kaleidoscope of new ideas sparked by the influencer’s touch.

We carried this metaphor through to the website with a jet black background and looping videos of our droplet transforming and evolving. This constant state of motion captures the transformative power of influence – not as a static act, but as a catalyst for exploration and innovation. The site’s functionality fosters a community of readers who engage in meaningful discussions and share their experiences of positive influence.

This case study underscores the transformative power of a well-executed brand strategy, cover design, and website development in launching a book that embodies a message of positive influence. By harmonizing visual elements with the author’s vision, the project succeeded in not only capturing attention but also fostering a community dedicated to personal and collective betterment.

Life-long pursuit of +influence builds a personal craft, buttressed by conduct and character.


[see Chapter 16]