Virgin Pulse

Presenting the Latest in Workplace Wellbeing

Each year Virgin Pulse presents the Thrive Summit, a curated selection of speakers, panels and events to help HR professionals motivate a healthy and engaged workforce. With an eye on changing business landscapes and health trends, the summit’s program is reconceived annually so that the newest approaches to workplace wellbeing and Virgin Pulse’s latest features are represented.  

To communicate its unique agenda and message — and to energize the attendees — each summit opens with a short film. Martian Arts produced the annual short for the 2017–2019 summits, with the added intention of generating social media traction and encouraging repeat attendance. 


Working to meet both organizational and creative goals, we partnered with Virgin Pulse to align on its objectives and take stock of the resources needed to execute the story, including leveraging the brand’s internal assets. Externally, we drew on our orbit of talent and called in our production partners, Shadow Lion, to help bring these ideas to life.

For three years, Martian Arts assembled and led production on each film — from script to screening, including staging the final presentation of each to maximize impact.

The Beginning

2017 – An introduction to Virgin Pulse, this film includes a brief overview of the software, its daily implementation, and its positive impact to keep employees healthy.

Final Video (2017)

Masters of Change

2018 – Having set the stage for the Virgin Pulse app the previous year, we enlisted in-house talent to continue the story, including CEO David Osborne and Chief Product Officer Ron Hildebrandt. Osborne embodies the tool to demonstrate its ease of use and how its habit-changing nature can result in long-term benefits on personal and career development.

VFX (Chrome Key)

Final Video (2018)

Bringing the Team Together

2019 – We upped the ante on the production, and with tongue in cheek, presented that year’s message as a blockbuster action film. To depict the Virgin Pulse as a “Homebase for Health,” a comparable team of experts is assembled, Mission Impossible-style, with each character representing a feature of Virgin Pulse.

Behind the Scenes

Final Video (2019)