Red Velvet

Brand ID

Red Velvet

Surfacing Creative Sensibilities

Austin-based event specialists Red Velvet was going through a transition — in a time of transition. In evolving from a destination management company to a creative experience agency, the brand was expanding its offerings, but wanted to be clear that its mission — creating meaningful connections — remained unchanged. 

Martian Arts came in to reconceive Red Velvet’s brand identity, one that would communicate its elevation into creative solutioning, and its expanded reach from Austin-local to anywhere-global. The implementation of these shifts coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, when the importance of purposeful connection and communication was made that much clearer.

In working together to identify the agency’s purpose, Martian Arts recognized Red Velvet’s promise to make meaningful connections had intensified in scope and scale but was otherwise unchanged. Using this commitment as a throughline, we dug into the brand’s backstory and uncovered a unique sensibility, one that allows the agency to approach challenges with a mix of novelty and sophistication, and deliver experiences with intention and impact. 

In the pivot from executors to partners, Red Velvet’s ability to take something entertaining and transform it into something unforgettable was moved front and center.







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