Mindwell Labs

Balancing Mindfulness and Science

In April 2021 Mindwell Labs introduced AQ, an mindfulness training app that improves attention, sharpens focus, and contains stress and anxiety. Martian Arts came in early to help the brand as they achieved new milestones.


Our first order of business was to define Mindwell’s brand identity. Inspired by the idea that our minds are vessels of energy, we gravitated to the blue, turquoise and aqua tones of moving water to represent Mindwell’s logo and palette.



The app’s unique selling feature is how it personalizes the pursuit of mindfulness, based on biometric analysis. A custom training program is developed by measuring a user’s AQ (Attention Quotient) with an iPhone or an Apple Watch. 

To translate those data points into something more approachable, we worked to visually balance the weight and heft of the science with the app’s softer, spiritual side, drawing inspiration from the tandem workings of the left (analysis) and right (creativity) sides of the brain. 

The App

Our work began with the beta version of the app and continued through its 2021 launch version. During this time, Martian Arts guided the UX/UI design, including the iconography, graphics and gradients that represent the different metrics assessed by the app.

As the brand’s needs evolved, we drew from our orbit of talent and introduced Mindwell to a product designer to help develop AQ’s more nuanced features and functions.

We continue to work with Mindwell for all its creative needs, striving to balance design with data, throughout its brand story.


UI Design

Utilizing tools for improving attention can make our adult lives as satisfying as our childhoods.