Finding the your  right way

As a new parent, you don’t see the world through pastel-colored glasses and neither does NAPS™. The last thing your sleep-deprived ears want to hear is an obnoxiously motivational quote. We know you’d rather have a calm, assertive best friend. Someone whose brutal honesty is supportive and free of judgments, but who will also tell you to get your sh*t together and stop obsessively googling “does my baby hate me”.

NAPS™ mission is to improve the lives of parents through education and support that empowers them to trust their instincts —and pass that self-assurance to the next generation.

We teamed up with them to develop its new brand identity — one that would communicate its unique personality and tone. Because parenting is f!king hard, NAPS™ provides trustworthy, uncensored support and coaching from honest, judgment-free Registered Nurses who are parents themselves—so parents can make the decisions that are right for their family as they raise the next generation.

We created a brand strategy, visual identity, and tone of voice that builds on naps supportive nature, reflects the company’s values and vision, and shouts at loud its role in helping people achieve their goals. We are very proud to be a part of their creative team still.




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