Inventables: Building Bigger

Sharpening the Message

Inventables, founded with the mission to democratize digital manufacturing, launched the X-Carve in 2002 as a hardware solution to simplify 3D carving. We partnered with Inventables in 2020 to help them introduce its newest product, the X-Carve Pro, a premium version of their signature machine.

With its increased capabilities, including faster and larger carves, the X-Carve Pro is meant for growing businesses. Martian Arts crafted a full campaign for the brand’s social and print ads, partner emails, and a video to unveil the X-Carve Pro on launch day, regularly updating creative and copy to match the X-Carve Pro’s promotional pricing schedule.

Post-launch, we continued to help Inventables sharpen its messaging on its site, including revised the hero section of its landing page to better convey the breadth of Inventables’s ecosystem — hardware, software, classes, and a community of fellow carvers — to help customers decide what product was right for them. The design now includes customer self-selection, cleaner typography, and a background video component to keep things lively. The messaging around Easel, Inventables’ compatible software offering, was also revamped so that its availability, ease of use, and pricing was more explicit. 



Our relationship with Inventables continues as it works to rework its customer journey and expand its reach, including more site reworking, and a pre-roll spot on a PBS series for the woodcarving audience.