Mutt Dog

We love dogs. So when Massachusetts-based clothing brand Mutt Dog reached out to help them revamp its brand and amplify its mission, we were all paws in.

Mutt Dog’s promise is to celebrate mutts, and by donating a portion of its sales, to support the rescues that help place dogs into their forever homes.

The brand revamp began with a site redesign. To spotlight the quality of products offered by Mutt Dog, Martian Arts focused on creating a cohesive visual style,

including using lifestyle imagery so prospective customers could see the clothing on real people.

The positive, celebratory photography emphasizes the joy our furry friends bring — as well as how it feels good to do good.

The user experience was reconceived so that customers could quickly orient themselves on the site, and get a clearer understanding of Mutt Dog’s mission and impact. 

A new typeface, hand-drawn graphics, and a distinct color palette completed the brand identity and allowed for the creation of new patterns and designs for Mutt Dog’s product line.


Web Design / E-Commerce

Responsive Web Design


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