The Opportunity

Accelerate a Lifestyle Brand  

Adapt the regimen of the NFL’s top quarterback into a global performance lifestyle brand, one that protects athletes from injuries, and promotes fitness, peak performance and longevity. 

The Challenge

Emphasize Accessibility, Not Exclusivity.

A-list athletes are perceived to be superhuman. The task then was to detach Tom Brady’s achievements from his polarizing celebrity as the quarterback of the New England Patriots, and to demonstrate that his methods could be practiced successfully by determined believers of any age.

The Solution

Rediscover TB12’s Purpose and Better Tell Its Story

While the brand’s origins were high octane and testosterone fueled, these characteristics weren’t the only factors that defined TB12. Martian Arts partnered with TB12’s executive team and helped them rediscover the heart of their mission. 

Motivated by Tom’s words: “We are redefining human performance and proving that age is just a number,” we looked at the softer, holistic elements that defined his physical and mental resilience as a means to communicate the science behind, and the viability of his training method.

The throughline of this work echoed Tom’s own mantras — do what you love longer, achieve peak performance, and Keep Going


The Playbook

Build a Brand into a Platform

Collaborating with TB12’s leadership, we created a brand architecture to lead a scalable, multi-channel strategy. The brand’s core promise of redefining human performance was captured and instilled into all aspects of the business, including treatment and training locations, nutritional products and equipment, and digital content.


Stage 1

Reconceive visual identity: Logo, Website, Product Packaging

Stage 2

Introduce The TB12 Method Book

Stage 3

Shape the TB12 App

Stage 4

Transform Sports Therapy Centers into Performance and Recovery Centers


The App

Working with Prolific Interactive, we designed the TB12 app to demonstrate the possibilities offered at the center, along with on-the-go, off-site options. Our art direction provided the app development team with the necessary media, visual content and storytelling to produce a robust user experience.


The TB12 Method

To reflect the brand’s new ethos of accessibility, we partnered with Tom and his publisher to rethink the brand’s creative direction. Step-by-step, easy-to-follow representations of his workouts, recipes, and systems were designed by Martian Arts. The resulting book, The TB12 Method, was a New York Times bestseller.

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