Let’s Go Moment

Our longstanding partner, Shadow Lion, approached us with an exciting challenge as they prepared to film the latest installment of Hertz’s $100 million in-market campaign featuring Tom Brady and Yvonne Orji. Our task was to create a virtual set from the ground up. This set needed to not only captivate a nationwide audience but also showcase Hertz’s wide range of vehicle options. It had to seamlessly align with the campaign’s “Let’s Go” gameshow narrative while embodying the essence of the Hertz brand identity in a more elevated way.

An out of this world request? Perfect for the Martians.

Our team quickly dove in, immersing ourselves in universally appealing skylines, inspiring rental station layouts, and vehicle choices, highlighting the expanding selection of electric vehicles.

Our objective was to elevate the Hertz parking lot visuals, infusing them with aspirational aesthetics and enhanced lighting, all while preserving the authentic essence of a functional parking stations. We intertwined Hertz’s signature color palette, fonts and overall branding with new custom graphics embodying movement, freedom, and the joy of travel. Each graphical element was meticulously designed to elevate the campaign’s narrative, “Let’s Go”.

In the end, our screen designs played a pivotal role bringing together the visual storytelling of the commercial and creating a sense of excitement in the final cut. This latest installment of the campaign has already outpaced metrics from the previous (award winning!) phases, becoming one of Hertz’s most successful marketing campaigns ever with over 3.5B impressions and increasing MoM Reservations over 25% thus far.