Clean Beauty Meets a Clean Conscience

In 2008, unsanitary implements, questionable labor practices, and a lack of oversight were just some of the issues plaguing the nail industry. Prompted by these conditions, MiniLuxe started with the mission to back up all its beauty offerings with a promise of clean. This commitment evolved into an all-encompassing code of conduct, evident in all of MiniLuxe’s products, services and practices. 

But establishing science-based and ethical standards was just the start. The brand needed an aesthetic and a narrative, one that both acknowledged its ethos — and its human impact.

Recognizing that a commitment to clean, while admirable, could feel sterile, Martian Arts stepped in as brand stewards to guide MiniLuxe’s creative output. 

With brand longevity in mind, we opted to expand the focus to the emotionally-driven stories that propel MiniLuxe, including the people behind them.

Our creative contributions ranged from product design to reconceived branding, and we continue to advise on brand strategy including website UX/UI, campaigns and seasonal collections.

We worked alongside MiniLuxe when the brand introduced a suite of hand and body products to prevent aging, maintain and beautify. We collaborated on the collection from product design through launch.