Supporting the Caregivers

Ianacare’s mission is to inspire new ways to care for each other. More immediately, they’ve taken it upon themselves to place the tools and resources caregivers need at their fingertips. The “iana” in the brand’s name is an acronym for “I am not alone,” a reminder to all caregivers that there is a community ready to back them.

Martian Arts came aboard in 2018 to provide creative direction and design support for the launch version of ianacare’s app, an integrated platform that organizes caregiving by establishing a network of involved friends and family, coordinating help, and providing community resources and seasoned guidance.

The App

We worked with ianacare on the creative aspects of its brand story, across all its touchpoints, to produce a cohesive customer experience. Additionally, Martian Arts supervised and created the designs on all brand collateral, website and ianacare’s app.

Post-launch, we stayed on to help ianacare with its brand positioning, as it expanded from a B2C to a B2B. Because 60 percent of the workforce also serve as caregivers, ianacare added additional app features to allow companies to more actively support affected employees. A premium version allows users to take advantage of their organization’s resources and benefits, such as employee assistance and leaves of absence, to carry through ianacare’s promise that no caregiver is alone.


We make it possible to choose community over isolation.

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